The Perfect Box and Pallet
Replacement System
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You will not see that message using the ResinPak. In addition to eliminating problems like moisture damage to boxes and pallet disposal issues, the ResinPak eliminates ALL of the issues caused by the liners in the boxes.

You will not have to worry about the liner clogging the vacuum hose or shutting down your molders. The ResinPak has two clean discharging options. You can either discharge from the top with a vacuum wand or through the bottom via the discharge spout.

Did you know that when boxes are filled the top is off? This leaves more than a square yard of opening for contaminants to get into the product. The ResinPak has a spout that is closed during the filling process to the outside to prevent contamination.

ResinPak Box Replacement with Vacuum Discharge

The ResinPak holds 50% more product than the Gaylord boxes.  This means 50% less change outs at the molding machines. It means 50% less forklift trips to and from the warehouse.

An often overlooked cost is landfill cost which can average $250 per ton. If you are paying by the ton you will be shocked when you compare the ResinPak to a box and pallet. Boxes and pallets have a combined weight of about 70 lbs compared to the ResinPak which is 16 lbs.

You also get an advantage with ResinPak if you are recycling. Boxes do not compress well so you can likely only get about 550 boxes in a truck or an equal number of pallets. With the ResinPak 4,000 channels or 5,000 bags fit in a truck. That is almost a ten to one freight savings. Good for both your budget and the environment.


While it may be possible to reuse a box, their susceptibility to moisture makes it somewhat problematic. ResinPak has no such weakness. Since it is made of plastic, it can be easily refurbished through one of our centers. The most ecologically friendly package is one that is not made. Again, good for both your budget and the environment.

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