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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Gaylord boxes and Octobins are easy to stack, how does the ResinPak compare?

Answer: ResinPaks stack safely and easily as well. The orange channels are easy for your operators to see and access. In addition, you can stack 3 ResinPaks of 680 KG or 2 ResinPaks of 1060 KG.  The larger version gives a higher efficiency of 2120 KG per stack.

Question: Are ResinPak containers recyclable?

Answer: Yes, both the bag and channels are recyclable. In fact, given how well they compress they are more efficient to ship to recyclers than corrugated boxes.

Question: How much does the ResinPak weigh compared to tradional corrugated bulk resin packaging with pallets?

Answer: ResinPak weighs around 16 pounds compared to the backstraining 70 pounds for a box and pallet.

Question: What is the difference in set-up labor for the ResinPak vs Octobin or Gaylord boxes?

Answer: The only set-up a ResinPak needs is to have the channels inserted into the sleeves. Corrugated resin boxes need to be assembled, both tops and bases, liners inserted, and in some cases they have to be stapled to the pallets.

Question: How much space do empty ResinPaks require vs. the corrugated boxes?

Answer: ResinPaks require a whopping 85% LESS space than you would need for the same number of boxes and pallets.

Question: How does the ResinPak stand up to humidity vs. boxes?

Answer: The ResinPaks are made of polypropylene and do not weaken or lose stacking security when dampened by moisture.

Question: How does the ResinPak prevent vacuum blockage?

Answer: Since there are no wood fibers in the ResinPak, there is generally no liner in the container to block the vacuum process.  

Question: Does the ResinPak work well on racks?

Answer: We recommend that permanent ‘slave’ pallets be used in any racking system.

Question: How is the ResinPak emptied?

Answer: This container works very well with vacuum systems. It provides more consistent flow as there is no liner to block your hose. It is easier to empty the final few pounds from the ResinPak because the container only weighs 16 pounds. The operators can easily lift one side to flow the last few pounds into a corner for easy vacuuming.

Unlike boxes, this container will also work well by gravity discharge into a receiving hopper through a bottom spout!

Question: Can this container be re-used?

Answer: If the container has not been damaged, it is a candidate for re-use.  The same is true for the channels that replace the wood pallet.  To return your ResinPak and avoid any landfill, call (866) 264-5623.

Question: Can I get a customized ResinPak?

Answer: We recommend using standard sizes by simply changing the amount you put into each container.  However, we are happy to provide any specialization you might require.

For More Information Please Call (866) 264-5623