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Producer Benefits

The ResinPak generates savings over Gaylord boxes and pallets based on direct costs, freight, warehouse savings for both filled and unfilled packaging, reduced packaging receipts and set-up time.

ResinPak box and pallet replacement

Packaging Cost

The most direct benefit of the ResinPak is in the reduction of packaging costs. By using the product to support the package instead of building rigid walls the ResinPak’s direct cost is less than that of boxes and pallets. There is no doubt that the box and pallet served their purpose but the ResinPak is a more modern package designed to fit today’s circumstances.

Stacks of ResinPak box and pallet replacements


With freight costs being unpredictable over the past few years the ResinPak freight savings are a pleasant change. Boxes and pallets typically weigh 70 or 75 pounds. This means the average truckload of resin has to use almost 2,000 pounds in boxes and pallets. That is weight that could be used to ship resin instead of packaging materials. The ResinPak only weighs about 16 pounds which means that on a truckload of resin less than 300 pounds is packaging materials. This basically lets you ship 1500 pounds for free versus the box and pallet. This will save your company between 4% and 7% on your freight across the board!



Not only is the ResinPak lighter, it also compresses more when empty. Instead of  receiving and storing 10 truckloads of 500 boxes you can receive one truckload of ResinPak bags. Instead of receiving and storing 10 truckloads of 500 pallets you can receive 3 truckloads of ResinPak channels. What could you do with that extra space? What could you do with the time saved in receiving?

The footprint of the ResinPak is designed to be more efficient when filled compared to the Gaylord box and pallet. Since the ResinPak is not as susceptible to creasing and denting and because we are not held to standard footprints, we are able to increase the warehouse efficiency by 15%. This adds to the warehousing savings gained from empty packaging storage.

These savings are easy to define and document. In fact, after meeting with your management team we can offer your company a customizable spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will allow your team to compare your company’s actual costs versus the ResinPak costs to document the savings.

box and pallet replacement warehouse savings
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