The Perfect Box and Pallet
Replacement System
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For over a decade, the high cost and inefficiency of boxes caused many companies to work on a viable replacement for the box and pallet without success. None of them worked well because box and pallet replacement requires a System, not a product. That system is what ResinPak gives you. Our combination of engineered channels, bags and equipment takes into account the multitude of factors that caused previous products to fail in the past. Our combined efforts have yielded a stable, stackable, repeatable, and attractive package.
ResinPak Equipment
To understand how and why ResinPak works, let’s look at the filling equipment. Filling boxes is a rather straightforward process. Place a box and pallet under a filling pipe, pour the product into the box and convey it off. This is an area where the boxes rigid sides are a benefit. ResinPaks are flexible containers so they derive their stability from the product they contain. For this to be successful they must be filled well. Our equipment does this in ways that no one else’s can. While everyone else has a flat deck under the bags, ResinPak utilizes a shaped deck that deforms the bottom of the bag to level the cone the product forms at the top of the package. This leaves you a relatively flat surface for stacking. This shaped table also improves the effectiveness of the vibration we use to densify the product. The more densely the product is packed the more stable it will be.

ResinPak Channels

ResinPak channels are specially designed, formulated and molded polypropylene tubes that replace wood pallets. They are built to withstand the rigors of filling, stacking, shipping and storage. The channels are made from a special formulation, so temperature fluctuations, high humidity and pests are no problem. The channel openings have been engineered to make forklift access easy, and the patented design features help keep the channels in place while forklifts move them about. ResinPak’s integrated system of bag and channels form one unit, and so bag shifting does not occur like bags falling from wood pallets.

ResinPak Package
The most visible component of the ResinPak is the bag itself. While it bears some resemblance to a standard baffle bag, it is far from it. At the bottom of the bag is a patented system that significantly reduces the load on the channels. The design of the sleeves allows for easy insertion of the channels when the bag is empty and keeps them firmly in place when the bag is filled. Our unique baffling system works in concert with the filling equipment to insure a level filling of the product. At the top of the bag we have two features that not only stabilize the ResinPak; they also handle varying bulk densities. First is the Stacker which forms shoulders on the bag that anchor to the top of the product. This helps the bag maintain its shape with varying product levels. We also have the Load ‘n’ Lock top. This patented top allows for over filling when needed and draws in any excess top fabric to deny the product any space to move.
Each part of our system impacts the other parts in a positive way.
This synergy allows for success where other efforts have failed.

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